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High Rollers Guild Paladin +1

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Want to up your whiskey game with an exclusive club membership like no other? Simply buy all four initial releases of Quest’s End – Paladin +1, Rogue, Warlock, and Dragon – and let the treasures roll in! Each of the four bottles will be shipped automatically upon their release, beginning with Paladin +1 and Rogue in the spring, with Warlock and Dragon following in succession approximately 3-4 months apart (exact date TBD). On sale for 10 days (or while stock lasts) starting November 15, but don’t wait too long – the original High Rollers Guild sold out, this one will too!Benefits of Guild membership include:

(NOTE: High Roller Guilds sold in this sale will contain Paladin +1.)


Guaranteed Spot at the Front of the Line As a High Roller

You won’t have to roll the dice on getting Quest’s End – your ownership of the first four bottles is guaranteed. Not only that, you will get right of first refusal to purchase the next set as well. With 16 drops telling the mesmerizing tale of Seron and her companions in Dawn of the Unbound Gods, this series promises to be legendary. You won’t want to miss a chapter!

Virtual Tasting with the Creators

Ever wondered what magic goes into creating a whiskey like Quest’s End? High Rollers will be invited to an exclusive virtual tasting session with company co-founder Matthew Lillard, master blender Ale Ochoa, and the rest of the Find Familiar Team to see how Paladin came to be in this all-access pass behind-the-scenes.

Exclusive Signed Collectible Lithograph

Our Bottle Designer and Art Director Tyler Jacobson is a modern master of fantasy art, and now you can own an exclusive print of his work! All High Rollers will receive a signed lithograph of the cover art of Dawn of the Unbound Gods featuring Seron of the Pit, our eponymous Paladin and the hero of our saga.

Bottle Number That's Yours and Yours Alone

Every bottle of Quest’s End whiskey will be numbered on the neck wrap, and our High Rollers will be able to retain (not select) their original bottle number as long as they remain in the Guild. Let it be a unique hallmark of your whiskey journey with us!

Discount on All Merchandise

Want to show off some Quest’s End swag? All High Rollers receive a discount of 10% on all merchandise… in perpetuity! (Some exceptions may apply.) Hats, sweatshirts, glasses, flasks – you’ll be more stocked than a wizard’s keep!

+1 Charisma

We can’t prove this, but we’re pretty sure it’s true.

And that’s only the beginning! Quest’s End Whiskey and Find Familiar Spirits will be offering other cross-promotions, one-of-a-kind experiences, and unique gifts for High Rollers, including early access to upcoming new products also aimed at devoted fandoms, to be announced later. Join us now and never be left out of the party!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert Barnard
Lillard Fan / Whiskey Lover

Cannot wait for the virtual tasting... just met Matthew this weekend and he could not have been more engaging!!!! Hats off to him and everyone involved with this project.

Charles Benscoter
First step (taste) on the journey...

As a long time gamer and bourbon fan, to say there was anticipation for this release is an understatement. This is a wonderful mash bill that has been aged excellently. Each sip is a delicate bite on the tongue, followed by a slight caramel and oak. The taste lingers into a hint of banana. Very easy to drink. Must control myself. Thank you Quests End.

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iPad not included.

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